What is CSD & CBWD

CSD – Combined Services Drawing is a drawing that combines subject systems of construction projects. This drawing includes the plan and section of all separate rooms, spaces and floors that show clearly and detailed the size and location of all the components of each discipline in the MEP system.

CBWD – Combined Builders Work Drawing is a drawing that combines construction work that shows in detail the position of the hole waiting for the construction opening created by the MEP’s components intersecting with the structural and architectural elements such as: walls, beams, floors, columns.

Process of creating CSD & CBWD drawings

Purpose of CSD & CBWD

CSD drawings are used for construction contractors in monitoring and identifying the operating principles and layout directions of MEP systems in the works, from which to have an appropriate plan to change the equipment drawings to optimize the activities of the departments and save costs to the maximum.

CBWD drawings are used for construction contractors in monitoring and identifying the location, size, and elevation of openings waiting for openings on architectural and structural members. This drawing can be exported directly to the contractor’s construction department, helping the contractor to prepare a reasonable and accurate construction plan to minimize problems arising and the cost of correcting errors later.

Typical CSD floor plan
Typical Plan of CBWD

CSD and CBWD drawing implementation process

After combining the models of all the architecture, structural and MEP disciplines in a single model called the BIM Model (Combination BIM Model), the engineer must proceed to run the development processes. detect conflicts and resolve all conflicts. The final model that is updated after handling all the conflicts will be used to publish the CSD and CBWD drawings.

Engineers will create the necessary views of each discipline, including floor plans, sections and elevations, in the respective subject BIM model, ready to coordinate with other disciplines. Then the engineer proceeds to create dimensions, annotate the details of the components on those views and put them in the drawing sheets. Below are some views of a typical CSD drawing.

For CBWD drawings, engineers also create similar views including plans, elevations, cross sections of locations with openings and create dimensions, tags detailing locations, dimensions, and elevations. those openings most clearly. Construction openings related to the system of any subject will be created with separate views of that subject and hidden for the rest of the subjects so that the construction unit is more convenient in monitoring and visualizing the location of the subjects. opening hole. The image below is a typical CBWD plan.

Dimensions and tags details in CBWD drawing
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